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Jan 31, 2023

Maggie Tessier, Broker/Owner of EXIT Realty Matrix, Brokerage in Ontario, not only has broken all sales records as an individual, team leader and broker, she is building superstars from the everyday people she works with.  Listen as Maggie shares her true legacy in five touching stories of individuals she has poured...

Jan 24, 2023

Sometimes we are presented with an opportunity that we may be ready for or we may pause because either we are too afraid to take it or not confident enough in ourselves to believe we can do it.  Either way, do not let opportunities pass you by.  By waiting, you may lose the chance for things to change you...

Jan 18, 2023

From Bob’s personal leadership journal a system of finding very talented people for your team.

Jan 3, 2023

Roger Hance is a thought leader in real estate and escrow. Across four decades of brokerage and industry leadership, Roger has seen the valleys and mountain tops many times.  As Roger shares his advice, you will hear his certainty that a few basics have always served...

Dec 27, 2022

This is the heartwarming story of April Andrews and her family's loss and how it left them at the crossroad in life.  A story of love, support and determination that will make you proud of April and the village that came around her.