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Jan 4, 2024

EXIT Realty Bend in Bend, OR, is a three-act play of success.  In this episode, we discover how Jim Mazziotti started his EXIT brokerage from scratch, hired brand-new agent, Juana Beede, early on, trained and prepared her to be a very productive agent, and all was well.  Act one.


Then one day life changed for Jim, and he was faced with the decision to move to Texas. Having a succession plan is a must for any business but he had no idea that when Juana learned of his dilemma, she was interested in buying the brokerage.  Just as he had trained Juana to sell real estate, Jim began to mentor her to lead the office. Act two.


Jim then moved to a northern suburb of Dallas where he joined EXIT Elite Realty. Paul Reitz and team immediately put Jim to work mentoring agents there and within a year and a half Jim became the sales manager, all the while mentoring Juana back in Bend. Act three.


Listen to Jim and Juana tell the story of how it all happened.