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Jun 26, 2024

Our "Best of the Best" series continues with the owners of one of highest producing offices in the company, EXIT Realty Horizons. Their 108 agents average 13 transactions a year, 16 to 23 agents cap at 90% each year with 4 honored in the top 100 in all of EXIT Realty (in 2023).

It's significant that all this production happens in Las Cruces, New Mexico, a small town of only 108,000.  EXIT Realty Horizons stands head and shoulders above all local and major brands. The company is owned and led by Joseph Arnone and Chris Harrison, two guys with personal charisma and powerful street credentials.


In this episode of Leader’s Path, Chris and Joe share the top three things they do well as a team:
1. A strong approach to onboarding and training that creates production quickly
2. Retention with a dozen agents who have been with them nearly 20 years, all starting as new licensees
3. How they have taught and encouraged sponsoring to where it is a core value in the company.  Wait ‘til you hear their total amount of residuals - astonishing!

This is a loaded episode, so take some notes!