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Oct 3, 2023

In the small Ohio town of Belpre, Ohio, is a lady with two charming offices on each side of the Ohio River.  Charm galore and backed up by a mature engaged businesswoman, Marian DuVall, Broker/Owner of  EXIT Riverbend Realty has built an enterprise to envy.  I am always amazed at how our small market offices fare against all the large brands, and in Marian's case, she’s scaring the big boys for sure.


At Broker/Owner training or Master Broker Summit, Marian is there soaking it all in and when she speaks we listen because her confidence and strength demand it. In this episode, Marian explains her approach to having strong administrative help, technology engagement and then being selective to hire the best folks in town. Her total focus is on being the real deal in caring service to clients, community and her team.  Marian's is a big story from a small town.