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Oct 31, 2023

John's not a young man, but when I answered a call from him, he was as enthusiastic as a little kid.  He was so excited he just had to share with me his news that after 40 years in real estate averaging hundreds of transactions a year, he had set a new personal best. 


John's first career was playing guitar in his band all over Upstate New York but when he found real estate there was no looking back.  Sounds like there are a few stories you may want to hear.


EXIT Realty Homeward Bound is a family affair. Based in Vestal, NY this is one of our most successful offices that truly make us proud.  Recently you heard a podcast episode featuring John's son, Robert Farrell, who is the company's general manager, sharing with us the successful formula he uses to lead in his marketplace and build strong individuals along the way.


Can you imagine closing an average of 181 deals yearly and making it look easy? John holds every production award EXIT Realty has and we had to make up one just for him.   So, what was the new personal best he was so excited to share?  Hear it for yourself as we chat with a true legend.